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Winter is Coming

Tue, 16th Oct 2012

How can you tell winter is coming - yes, we've actually got time to start blogging again, although happily the reason for the lack of blogs has been pressure of work, so we shouldn't complain. What a strange season it has been after all the press coverage early season no one knew what to expect, yet in the fairly typical Greek way everything just trundled along as always.

One of the properties we thought was sold, and at a real bargain price, is Lotsia, which was under offer, then when the buyers returned to the UK they discovered things were not going as smoothly as they had hoped and they had to pull out. Consequently the house is back on the market, at only 78,000 euros,. It is a really nice little house, walking distance of shops, almost walking distance of the beach, with two bedrooms, garden and parking - almost unheard of for a property at that price, so we are hoping someone else will snap it up. The seller has also said that he would consider some type of deferred payment plan, with the majority of the price paid in front, and then a reasonable amount being paid later or over a period of time - in fact several of our owners have said the same thing, so it is sometimes worth considering.