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Where better to spend your time than Corfu?

Thu, 17th Mar 2016

Just read a nice article from the Huffington Post on buying property in Greece

'Or where better to spend your time than Corfu, an island occupied by the Venetians for 400 years ...

While agents say that the quantity of prime property sales on Corfu has dipped since Greece's economy entered “intensive care” in 2009, prices today look steady, underpinned by the substantial rents generated by high-end property on the island.'

Which of course is exactly the case. Many of our buying clients are surprised that prices haven't dropped more, or that there is a wide variation - some sellers will make substantial price reductions and others won't - and of course one of the major criteria is whether the property is a rental property giving a good rental return. Looking into other sections of the market, it isn't just high end properties giving good rental returns, many of the mid to lower end properties can generate gross incomes of 8% - 10% making them good investment opportunities. Add to that the changes in tourism rental licence regulations, offering various options, then many holiday homes also become letting possibilities.