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Thu, 21st Nov 2013

For the last couple of years easyJet flights to Corfu in early and late season have not been the bargains that they used to be. Part of the reason for this seemed to be that they had already sold a chunk of seats to UK tour operators and therefore did not have as many to sell, so could hold to higher prices. Perhaps this will make a small difference?

EasyJet cools on deal with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook has not made clear whether it will be reducing its capacity next summer or sourcing flights from elsewhere after easyJet revealed that it would not be flying as many of the tour operators customers in 2014.

EasyJet managing director Carolyn McCall announced in the airline's results presentation on Tuesday that it would continue its deal with Thomas Cook next year, but not on the same scale.

An easyJet spokeswoman said this was because blocking seats for external companies created too much complexity for an airline that likes to keep its business simply, and also because summer is one of the busiest times for easyJet so blocking of seats "needs to be at the right price".

This year easyJet is believed to have provided 3% of Thomas Cook's flights, or roughly 80,000 seats.

Thomas Cook issued a statement saying: "As far as Thomas Cook is concerned, the agreement is ongoing and we look forward to continuing our close collaboration with easyJet."