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Summer in Corfu - don't you all wish you were here?

Sat, 16th Jun 2012

I do not apologise, I have stolen this from Grandma Angela's blog (although blog seems a very minor word for such a wonderful atmospheric article).

Her article encapsulates all that is wonderful about Corfu, in this time when all we hear is about problems, and see headlines like today's London Evening Standard 'Greeks believe that no one can save them now' although they go straight to the heart of the issue when they say 'Even though prices are cut to the bone and tourist havens are trouble free, international press coverage is keeping away millions of holidaymakers'.

The funny thing is that today, thousands of tourists are enjoying the Corfu we all know, exactly as related in Angela's piece, and all the problems seem virtually to be happening on another planet. The tourists I speak to here can't understand why it's so quiet, and can't understand why people are worried about coming here. They laugh about the quotes about empty cash machines (hasn't that always been an occasional problem?), businesses not accepting credit cards (did they ever?), potential strikes (strikes are everywhere aren't they, aren't buses and doctors on strike in London next week?), and overall just occupy themselves appreciating the beaches, peaceful tavernas and gorgeous scenery - and of course, planning their next trip.

I could tell you where Angela's secret beach is, but it doesn't really matter, there are lots just like it in Corfu, and everyone finds their own special favourite. Let's hope for a reasonable election result and the chance to move on and make the most of what we have in Greece for the future.