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Still here

Fri, 11th Mar 2016

Well, its been a strange winter but we are still here; Greece is still here, still sunny, still as illogical as ever, but STILL HERE; and people are still holidaying, renting houses, buying houses, building houses, renovating houses, all perfectly normally. We know times are dire; in so many ways it used to be that the economy (or not) was our main concern, now added to that is the plight of so many refugees. Whilst they have nothing to do with us directly, since we are hundreds of miles away from any of their points of entry into Europe (a bit like people landing in Cornwall and us living in the north of Scotland), we can't help but be affected both emotionally and practically.

People all over Greece have surpassed their natural hospitality with massive amounts of help to as many people as they can manage. The people living on the most affected islands, like Lesbos and Kos, have performed miracles, and generally the Greek people have risen to the occasion giving as much aid as they possibly can.

This blog isn't meant to be political in any way, but personally I can't quite understand how the rest of the EU, particularly the eastern countries seem to have fallen quite so far short in this case.