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Speaking of not choosing your dogs in Corfu....

Tue, 15th Apr 2014

Susan's not the only wondering how we all end up with extra members of the family, generally unintentionally. Years ago we always had Labradors, then when our last one had died we decided not to have another dog, until a friend begged a home for a 'sweet little puppy, one of 11 needing a home'. So of course we took the one with the biggest feet, who turned into a donkey-sized, one dog destruction force.

Seven years on he has cancer and was living quietly and peacefully for however long he has left. Until one day there was a little Lab sitting outside the gate. I fed her and hoped she had a home to go to. Two days later she was still around so I gave in and she moved in.

The first few days she was quiet and shy, too good to be true of course. The photo shows the current happy family, old sick dog has reverted to puppyhood, little Lab has gained her confidence, and our house looks like the aftermath of a cyclone! None of this was planned; as Susan says, we don't pick our dogs, they just happen to us!