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Some people catch on really slowly

Wed, 6th Nov 2013

The Greek Tourism minister has just announced that the Tourist Board will be promoting Greece as a year round destination, as if this is a great innovation.

Has anybody not told her that we have been trying to do this for years?

We who live and work here know that as a short break destination, with flights and properly structured prices, Corfu has so much to offer. Up until today we could still be described as a late season sun destination (although of course we all know it can't be guaranteed) but virtually all year, whatever the weather, Corfu can offer a wonderful break for people who like to walk, cycle, wander around Corfu Town and its villages, and enjoy local food and hospitality.

After all, no one says they won't take a winter break anywhere in the UK, or the rest of northern Europe, because the weather might not be nice!