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So we think we have problems

Wed, 18th May 2016

I keep reading everywhere that Spain is experiencing a bumper year but I didn't realise the extent of the problems this can cause.A member of the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce has been speaking to an international publication and had this to say...

“This will be a crazy year. The infrastructure will not cope. Mallorca is booked out. We will have serious problems this summer.

“People come here to enjoy life, but they are stressed because they can't get a seat on the buses – there aren't enough buses. Already we have 60,000 rental cars on this island. We are second only to Hong Kong in our car density. The traffic is gridlocked, so people are stressed. There are no parking places.

“If they can't go in the sea sometimes, they are stressed. Last year we had problems with sewage. The system just couldn't cope, and we do not let people into the sea if there are such problems. They are stressed because there is no room on the beaches, they are stressed and they won't come back. Tourism is a vital thing, mass tourism is a tricky, tricky thing. This year will be a crisis year,” he said.

All sounds wonderful doesn't it, makes you glad to be in Corfu which we consider busy if we have to wait in a 10 minute traffic jam, or have trouble parking right by the beach, or outside our favourite taverna.