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Rocks and Hard Places

Sun, 20th May 2012

Politics is so dominant these days - every conversation, every TV programme, every radio interview, even in the fish shop in Tzavros buying fresh crab for today's lunch (Yummy!), there was a discussion/argument going on between a customer and the super-friendly Olga who tells you how to cook whatever you choose to buy. Inevitably the unexpected rise of the Syriza party (radical left) was the main topic.

I don't know which I would call the rock and which the hard place, but most of my friends feel utterly depressed at the thought of having to choose between the proven corruptness of the previous main parties and the public charisma of the "new guy" who nevertheless has a track record of supporting violent demonstrations and sit-ins at schools.

So today we are going to enjoy our crab with pasta, in the sunshine, listening to tear-jerking Greek music from the days of the junta/civil war/German occupation and remember that there are very many true Greeks who will survive, come what may, and make more music, write more poetry, and be proud!

This song - one of my all-time favourites - celebrates the indomitable spirit of the Greek people during the German occupation.