Banner for Palm Sunday in Corfu Town

Palm Sunday in Corfu Town

Tue, 15th Apr 2014

Balmy weather tempted crowds of people into Corfu Town to watch the annual procession of bands, schools and priests. It never ceases to amaze us how very many bands there are, from villages far and wide, each in their different coloured uniforms and carrying their incredibly shiny brass instruments (though there was one very battered trombone that had seen better days!).

I believe that this is one of the longest outings for our patron saint - Spiridon, after whom a hefty percentage of children are named (Spiros for the boys and Spiridoula for the girls).

The photo shows Aghios Spiridon in pride of place amidst the mass of priests.

Holy Week begins, with the atmosphere slowly building towards its triumphal climax on Easter Saturday - there will be church services every day, and a selection of concerts throughout the week.