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Now we know it really is Spring

Fri, 16th Mar 2012

You can always tell when Spring really has arrived and it's not just the odd sunny day, because out come the strawberry sellers. Yesterday I bought the first ones - 5 euros for three punnets and the seller was determined I should buy six punnets which he would give me for 9 euros! I did finally manage to convince him that I definitely am not a jam maker and therefore absolutely did not need six punnets. This year also, forget small strawberries - these are monsters and each punnet only has about six strawberries in it, quite unbelievable.

The second sign of Spring is that we actually look forward to going out to look at plots of land and old houses up in the mountains. Yesterday we went up the mountain above Nissaki with one of our favourite civil engineers who knows everywhere and everyone, and can identify the owner of virtually every olive tree in the area. He took us high up to Katavolos to an old stone house (shortly to be on our website) with stunning sea views from every floor, just crying out for renovation to make either a family home or even a small B & B type business. Flowers everywhere, fresh green grass and views down to the sea which really did sparkle. Definitely one of those days when we totally appreciate living here and having the job we have.