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Just another day at the office

Mon, 30th Apr 2012

With the UK apparently drowning in torrential rain whilst still under a hosepipe ban, I spent a happy afternoon yesterday working really hard showing a plot of land to a client. Which of course also involved showing the surrounding area - in this case Agios Gordis and Pentati, with small clear bays, a tiny harbour and the view above which is just your average everyday Corfu view.

It rather makes you wonder about the UK TV ad encouraging people to stay in England for their precious annual holidays and the slogan 'You won't find this in Corfu or Crete'. This photo is a sample of what you WILL find!

We certainly have our problems here, but yesterday was one of those days when I absolutely wouldn't want to be anywhere else and fortunately - this year particularly - an increasing number of people seem to feel the same.