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For all lovers of Corfu

Mon, 8th Jul 2013

Today we received this email, and are more than happy to pass on the message. It is so nice to hear of people like this and I am sure there many Corfu fans who will want to see the film and learn more about Steve Ford and his work for Corfu charities. More details of Steve's work are also on the Corfu Grapevine on Facebook.

'My name is Kevin Baker and I once lived on Corfu. I have a passion for the island. Last month I was on Corfu (one of my many annual visits!!) and made a film about a chap called Steve Ford who has a property in Pelekas and has written an eBook about Corfu villages. All profits from book sales go to Corfu charities. It's a truly fascinating book and Part One of a series of three to be released over the next two years. He wants to get as wide an audience as possible for his book in order to maximise sales – thus donations to various Corfu charities '.