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Driving through a cloud

Fri, 25th Apr 2014

I know they say its a good idea to view property in the rain so that you see it at its worst, but today's viewing was taking this to the extreme.

Susan and I set off with our clients on a carefully planned route, starting with Spartilas, going over the top to Episkepsis, then down, along and up to Loutses. We could see that Spartilas was in cloud as we drove along Ipsos bay, and as we drove up the windy Spartilas road it did get a bit thick, necessitating headlights. We viewed the house, promised our clients that there is normally a lovely view, and then set off for Episkepsis.

Coming out of the upper end of Spartilas we hit a wall of fog so thick that we really couldn't see further than about three or four metres! Too dangerous to continue, we decided not to go any further, so turned round and headed back down the mountain.

This photo is taken about half way down, when the fog was a lot clearer!