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Christmas Lights

Wed, 25th Dec 2013

It's that time of year again, and I know I have blogged about this before, but it's only when it actually happens that I remember that I really must try to solve the problem.What am I on about? My tree lights! We have three separate sets on the tree in the house, one set on a plant arrangement I have made, one set in the window next to the front door, one set over the kitchen windows and three sets on the outside tree. As long as we leave them switched on there is no problem and the lights shine steady and still, but the indoor ones we turn off at night and every single time I switch them back on again they start in flashing mode. If you have ever seen a tree with three sets of lights all flashing in different sync. I can assure you that it is enough to send you to a lunatic asylum. I've tried counting the number of times I need to press the button in order to get them back into static mode, but it is different every time, and the one that really drives me mad is the one on slow fade, so that by the time you realize that it is fading you have already left the tree and gone upstairs to the kitchen. So if anyone does know how to adjust the little boxes so that the lights just shine - no flashes, twinkles, half on and half off rubbish - please post on The Corfu Grapevine. I will be forever in your debt.