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Buying a villa in Corfu

Fri, 18th Jul 2014

This week we had one of those days when we realized, yet again, the difference between the job of an estate agent in Corfu and the UK.

We had a client who wanted to see several villas - not many, but Corfu being the way it is, the distances are actually quite long. Add to this the fact that we can only view certain villas on "change-over" days and at certain times - between the departure of one lot of clients and the arrival of the new.

On this particular day we had three villas on change over day all with very specific viewing windows. Of course the times specified did not fit the optimum geographical route between the three - let alone the fourth, which was out on a limb anyway, but at least the owners were in residence! We could be seen - foot down on accelerator pedal - zooming from villa to villa in order to arrive at the designated times.

At the last stop - pictured - we were actually mistaken for the arriving clients by the resident cook, and we could quite easily have sat ourselves down at the already laid table by the pool and tucked into the delicious moussaka whose smell wafted from room to room.