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Sat, 29th Jun 2013

Not every day turns out to be how you imagine. A recent client had asked to see several large villas on the north east side of the island, so I had prepared and dressed for an up-market kind of outing. It started out very well - a glossy magazine style villa was first on the list - wonderful location, designer "dressed" by its owner with a selection of one-off items of furniture and co-ordinating colour schemes throughout. Our second stop, however, was at Villa Paskalya - almost on the sea, with footpath access to a virtually private beach, and I was expecting more of the same. The key had been left - according to an earlier arrangement - in a plant pot next to the front door, so imagine my surprise when, upon arrival at the villa, the sight that met my eyes did not include the possibility of "next" to the front door as an option for a hidden key - quite apart from the huge chasm between the drive and our only access to the villa. I am quite sure that the man who recently crossed the Grand Canyon on a length of wire would have remained undaunted, but I - in my smart estate agent gear, don't forget - was extremely daunted! A search of all plant pots that could be remotely described as being next to the front door eventually revealed the key, but the plank-walking access to the villa remained our only option to view the property. Luckily - how extremely luckily - one of the gentlemen clients sprung to the rescue and volunteered to walk the plank, providing one of us stood on the nearest end to stabilize the wobble. With one person finally inside, it was an easy matter for him to open a balcony door on the seaward side of the villa so that the rest of us could get inside. Thank you a million times (William, you know who you are, and I forgot to ask if you were once a Boy Scout!).

Villa Paskalya is on the market - fully refurbished with new windows in the basement (hence the chasm that had been dug) and a brand-new dining room extension - for €1,650,000. Please click on the link to see what the villa really looks like.