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Back in Corfu

Mon, 4th Feb 2013

I am just back in Corfu after nearly two months away and I do always find it a bit of a culture shock. This time the holes in the road are fairly spectacular and it will require several trips to and from Corfu Town to learn where they are and automatically avoid them - although I heard a radio interview the mayor assured everyone that a team was travelling around the island filling in the holes!

Having been rude about Corfu roads however I did actually rent a car in the UK, and driving around some fairly busy roads in the London area, I decided that our Corfu roads do not compare all that badly. I also occasionally for the first week get withdrawal symptoms about the proximity of shops etc, and generally miss the bustle in London. Then I start my morning drive to work, all along the coast, and when I see blue sea, blue sky, fishing boats and the contrast with the snowcapped mountains on the mainland, all looking so beautiful, then I start to appreciate all over again what we have here in Corfu.