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Another side of 'sunny' Corfu

Fri, 25th Mar 2016

Normally one of the best parts of our jobs is driving around in the sunshine, admiring the gorgeous flowers - particularly at this time of year.

However there is the odd occasion when the weather doesn't perform exactly as we would wish. Last week whilst showing houses on the west coast, we happily decided to drive down to the beach. Unfortunately we had experienced some rather heavy rain so we went carefully down the track in the mud only to find this mini pond completely covering the road.

We hovered on the edge in both cars for a few minutes then decided to venture through it - on the way to the beach I went first in my trusty Fiat Panda. A bit skiddy but I made it. Then Sarah did the same. On the way back we toyed with trying to go through the sand dunes but finally opted for the pond again - as you can see we made it, with two very muddy cars - good job we went for 4WD!

Fortunately, when three days later I was on the same track to the beach, this time in the sun, no sign of the pond, all dried up. That's Corfu.