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And not a horse in sight

Mon, 11th Feb 2013

With all the news in the UK at the moment about horse meat finding its way into beefburgers and ready-made lasagne, I find our local butcher's shop very reassuring. When I first came to live here I was horrified at the old fashioned wooden butcher's block, the carcasses hanging in the windows dripping blood all over the floor, and the rabbits with their tails left on to show what they are. I've got used to it now, and to not seeing a display of meat to choose from, rather having to ask for a piece of meat to grill/stew/roast or whatever I want to do with it.

And how I appreciate asking for mince and seeing the butcher select a piece of beef or pork and put it through the mincer in front of me. They even trim all the fatty bits off first!

As for ready- made meals and frozen beefburgers, I missed these the convenience of these in the early days, but now I prefer to spend the time and make my own and at least know exactly what has gone into it.