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An evening out in Corfu Town.

Sat, 30th Jun 2012

We spent Thursday evening wandering in Corfu town. The highlight of the visit was a Baroque music concert given by students at the Music School of the Ionian University. The setting was magical, in the old flour storehouses located within the Old Fortress. A building I had never noticed before, let alone entered, it is long and low with a vaulted stone ceiling, and as the sunlight faded to be replaced by mood lighting, the atmosphere was beyond compare.

Leaving the fortress and heading across the park towards the Liston it was impossible to match the evidence of our eyes with the picture painted by the world press of a Greece in desperate times. Warm, with a slight breeze, the weather had enticed whole families outside with prams, children on bikes, elderly couples, and hoards of teens and twenties wanting to see and be seen. Cafes and bars were full to the brim, tavernas and restaurants likewise, and shops with their doors still open well after 10 p.m. didn't seem to be as empty as the rumours have it.

With no fixed idea if we would stop to eat, or just stroll, we eventually found ourselves sitting in a narrow alleyway just off Kapodistriou Street. Tables were laid on both sides of the alley, and any passersby had to squeeze past in single file. We ate an excellent pizza and a glamorous salad at "To Mike" - to be recommended! Corfu in a nutshell - perfect.