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An Easter Egg with a Difference

Wed, 8th May 2013

A last minute sweep of our covered terrace prior to setting the table for Easter lunch uncovered two hens eggs deeply hidden under the jasmine. Our neighbour's hens have not visited us for quite some time, so I was fairly certain that these were several months old and picked them up in order to throw them away. Mistake! One of them, as it lightly touched the other, literally exploded in my hand. Up to then I had thought that rotten eggs were occasionally found whilst making an omelette, but I now know how rotten an egg can get. Suffice it to say that I needed a shower, my clothes had to be discarded and a liberal amount of bleach splashed on the paving stones to rid the whole area of the disgusting smell. Even after all that I kept getting whiffs of nastiness throughout the day!