The Corfu Blog (July 2009)


Daffodils in July!

Now that we are fully into high summer, there are not a lot of wildflowers to be seen, mainly grasse…

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It must be summer

I know it must be summer, because we are lurching from one disaster to another - not on the estate a…

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Going batty

Ever on the lookout for our furry rodent friends, we noticed some small droppings on the terrace of…

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Pretty village

Viewing new properties for our website took three of us yesterday to the village of Varipatades (lit…

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Restaurants. Again

Somehow I seem to be writing about food rather a lot, but 'not so well known' restaurants definitely…

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Take your scissors!

If you are out for a walk in the hills and mountains of Corfu this month, remember to take your scis…

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