The Corfu Blog (November 2008)


This is a first!

Usually, when we go to see and old village house for sale we have to pick our way through old cooker…

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More Doggy Tales

Some time ago I wrote on the blog about the accident that resulted in the arrival of a second dog in…

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christmasstock_08 002

Christmas Is Coming

Last weekend we went for lunch in Petriti, sat by the sea and got too hot in the sun. This weekend,…

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Bargain of the Week

The Old Pharmacy in Magoulades has always been a top favourite of mine and Susan's, epitomising all…

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Roma 007

Dogs And Builders

Sorry Di, I disagree, in my house builders and dogs DO mix! As you can see, Roma made herself very c…

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Before And After

The phrase "before and after" is one we quite often use - with illustrations - in our line of work,…

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